3.3 M3, year 1: Hotel Operations & M1, year 2: Performance Operations

This module existed of various units with different end products.

Year 1 Hotel Operations existed of Hospitality Foundation, Hospitality Finance and Hospitality Industry Assignment. 

Year 2 Performance Operations existed of HOTS Simulation and Hotel Procedures.


I passed all assignments and tests (see figure….). So I am sure I acquired all the knowledge belonging by the learning objectives of this module.  I did have a hard time studying for the hotel procedures exam. It was a lot of information and I started quite late with studying; mainly because There were a lot of assignments which I wanted to finish first.


I notice that my report writing skills are improving a lot. When I look at my reports from my previous study or even from the beginning of the year and compare it to my reports now; there is a world of difference between them. 

By looking into my reports after they are graded; I see my improvement points which I take with me for my coming reports. 


In the beginning of this module, I did not feel in my place. I felt like I was not challenged and felt like I did not learn enough. This was noticeable in my attitude towards w=the workshops as well. I skipped a few classes and went to work instead. Because; I felt like it would not matter, and I would pass the test/ assignments as long as I would invest my time at home. 

I realized that this would give a very wrong impression about me towards my lecturers and classmates. I am truly motivated; so it felt wrong if I did not show it. I cancelled my upcoming jobs and talked about the issue with Anne-Marieke van der Kip; who discussed it with Harry Jippes and Anne-Magreet Boerma and they offered me the opportunity to start module 1 of year 2 at the same time. 

From this moment on; I did not skip any classes anymore. I felt challenged again and I went back to an improved version of my ‘nerd’-self I was in the first 2 modules. 


During this module I really realized how difficult it can be to work together in a group. I was in a lot of groups, but I did not want to be bossy right away. When I realized that most of the groupmembers did not do much on own initiative, I had to take the lead. 

I tried to make agreements with group members and to divide the jobs that needed to be taken. After a while I noticed that I was not SMART enough in making these agreements. Sometimes people did do something, but not enough. Sometimes people did not act in time. And sometimes people said later on they did not know what exactly to do. 

Goals for upcoming periods

Not just for upcoming periods, but also for my future jobs I will take the following with me: SMART GOALS. I already knew it was handy to make your goals smart, but I did not realize how big a difference it would make in group projects. From now on forwards I will always make SMART agreements with group members, colleagues, employees, whoever I have a working relationship with at that point in time.