3.2 M2, year 1: Resources

The end products of this module were a IO-report and a finance test. 


For the IO report I learned a lot about the law and regulations concerning a (hospitality) business and the 6 different cultural dimensions of Hofstede. I am really interested in different cultures, and while traveling I have experiences so many huge cultural differences. It was very nice to get some theory about all that I have seen.


I was really glad when I heard we would get finance as a subject. I really enjoyed finance this module; because it is more like a skill than just knowledge. I am more of a beta person myself, so this was more in my street. 

A goal from last module was to get better in my report writing, by describing everything more detailed. When I received feedback from this IO report; I was really happy with the results. I saw a huge difference, but still have to be more specific and detailed.


During this module I started to really miss traveling and I did not feel that challenged in the matter of the lectures. This resulted in a little motivation lagging in the middle of the module. For this reason, I decided to fill up my time with work; so that I can save up money for traveling.

But I pulled myself together by remembering what I was doing this for and to be aware of what I did and why. 


This decreased motivation in the middle of the module did not change my behavior that much during class. I just did not go to all classes anymore, but when I was present, I was always participating and trying to be as useful to others as possible. I am glad that this is seen by others. (see PCP form Appendix 7.2)

Goals for upcoming periods:

My main goal for upcoming periods is to keep my motivation. And if I am starting to lose it; take a step back and remember myself of the reasons I am doing this education.