3.1 M1, year 1: Guest experience

This module existed of different lectures all to support the end products: A research report, a marketing test and a business English oral exam.


This was my first module and for most other classmates, it was already the third. I noticed a difference in pre acquired knowledge. This made me a little nervous in the beginning. But the longer I attended classes, did my homework and really participated in the PBL lessons, I realized that I gained the knowledge I needed. I did not feel any lag in knowledge anymore. 


I had been out of the study mode for quite a while, so it took longer for me to get concentrated and to do my assignments and get all the information of the tests in my head. I hope I will develop these skills in the future modules. 


I started this module very motivated; I spent a lot of time at school, working on the report and studying for the tests. 

I kept this motivation the entire module. I am very proud of this fact and the amount of energy I spent on school. I had never been really motivated for school, so finally being able to feel this way created great satisfaction. 


In the beginning of the module I was afraid of taking the lead in any group projects (like the research report). I was new in class, while everyone already knew each other. But when time passed, and others did not take the lead, I did it anyway.

I was really glad that my team members were grateful. And that we passed the report. 

Goals for upcoming periods:

I am going to focus on the improvement of report writing. I need to describe every aspect in the report more detailed. Not assume that it naturally makes sense; so, leaving the explanation behind.