2.2 M2, year 1: Resources

In the screenshots above are my results made visible.  I passed my business English exams on the first try, because of this I did not have to attend the classes. I was very glad that my English was good enough to start with. The grade is not that great, but I believe after attending the classes (I went to most, even though I did not have to) I improved my English and might score better if I would do the same test now. 

Furthermore, I am really happy with my results of this module. I passed everything and not just. I am very proud of my 7,6 and 8,4. 

After looking into my research report from the first module, I really noticed that I have to describe every detail. I did not describe the things that seems logically for me, but I should. 

Because of this I see a huge improvement in my reports. I am glad that my efforts result in better grades.