2.1 M1, year 1: Guest Experience

As visible in the screenshots above I got all 15 ec’s in module 1. I did fail the Business English Oral Exam with a 5 and I did a do-over and passed with a 7.

Jacob Loer gave this class and I asked for feedback from him. He showed me the grading form and said I did not make hand gestures (like pointing at the powerpoint presentation) or say something like: ‘let’s go to the next slide’. 

I did not totally agree with the feedback, especially because it is English class and there was no feedback on the English Language whatsoever. But I do agree that I did not do a good job on the presentation. 

Just an hour before my presentation I had my IUD placed. This made me feel very lightheaded and nauseous. So I felt terrible while doing the presentation.  

About the Research report; I did pass, but I am not proud of the grade, I looked it in, and I mostly have to be more detailed and explain more. I will definitely take this with me to the coming reports. 

Over-all, I am happy with my results: I passed everything, I got all my ec’s. And that’s the goal.