1.4 My USP

This chapter is about my unique selling point and was due in module one of year one. However, I couldn’t think of one by the deadline, so I left it open. Still, after module 2, no USP found. But when I opened my portfolio just now (module 4, year 1), it became very clear to me. 

What makes me different than others, is that I truly walk my own path. And it took these 10 months to realize that. 

10 months ago, I started studying in Emmen, not a place most people from the conurbation go to ‘just’ to study. And after a little while I asked whether I could do a fast track of the study, this had never happened before and was unfortunately not possible. A few months later, Anne-Magreet Boerma offered me the possibility to do two modules at the same time, exactly what I was hoping for earlier this year. 

I took that opportunity. It is a hell of a lot of work, but I am glad I am doing it. By doing this I challenge myself, and when I accomplish it, I will be very proud. 

But not only during my time here at school, I walk a different path. Also, when I look to my past and future plans. 

I moved in together with my boyfriend when I was just seventeen years old to the other side of the Netherlands; Nijmegen. This was a huge change and most people had a negatively loaded opinion about it. But I was sure that it was what I wanted, so I did it, and we had an amazing time together. Furthermore, after I quit my study in Nijmegen, I went traveling for one-and-a-half year. I traveled in a way not many people do. Mostly by myself, spending a very little amount of money and loved traveling the unbeaten track.

My idea for what I want in my future is also different than how most people live their lives. After graduating my bachelor’s degree, I would like to work for a year. To save up money during this year and to improve my resumé. With this money, Jamila, my friend, and I, want to buy a van and rebuild it into a camper in Australia. Travel and work here for (over) a year. 

Then, after a fair amount of time (and possibly exploration of some other continents), we would like to open our own hostel, somewhere in Asia. Besides that, I would like to give trainings to a.o. hospitality employees. And we are even talking about someday getting a child, by impregnating one of us through IVF. Since, most people do not have the same future perspectives as I/we do.

As probably is clear by now, I do not do what is expected from me, without thinking about it first. I want to do what truly makes me happy, no matter what someone else might think of it. And because of realizing it is what I really want, I am deeply motivated to achieve these goals. My goals.