1.2 Talents

July the 30th in the year of 2017. 

I was sitting in an airplane on my way to New Zealand. On my way to start my adventure. I felt scared, but excited. It took me 35 hours to arrive, but it took me about 2 months before I started to realize, I had never been this happy. 

It was rough in the beginning though. Because I wasn’t used to being alone. I moved out my boyfriend’s apartment, about half a year before this and after that I just kept surrounding myself with people. Always. But I overcame the fear of being alone. I actually started to really appreciate it. 

So now, back in the Netherlands, I love doing things by myself. I love to go to the forest or the beach and just walk. I love to go to movies that make you think, see modern art, go to the gym, cook or go to a city I haven’t been before. Sometimes I will ask someone in specific to come along. Quite often I’ll go by myself. And the days filled with activities like this, are my best days. So I try to do it more often, to make more days, the best days! 

I noticed, that since I don’t let my activities depend on other people, I keep being told I smile all the time. Also, people tell me I’m brave. The reasons are different with every person, but I have to say… I agree and I think more people shouldn’t live in fear. Fear is to overcome. (Easier said than done, I know). 

Since we’re talking about others opinions about me, according to others I am spontaneous, helpful, easy to talk to, considerate, I have an eye for detail and I am international sensitive.  

I asked people, who know me quite well, so I recognize myself with these strengths. I feel like I can use a lot of these strengths at school and my future career. Come on, these words shout ‘hospitality’ above anything else! I would still like to work on them, all of them, to develop them to a professional level. To achieve this, I need practice and good guidance.  

But to get back to what I enjoy in my life.. I think it’s clear I love traveling and see beautiful and experience cool things. And that it is important for me to be independent. So if I would win the lottery, I would like to do three things:  

1. Travel (more..)!  

2. Open up a business where people can eat good food (for health and planet), watch not-so-Hollywood-kind-of movies, drink good coffee, get work done, feel at home.  

3. Safe money for unexpected circumstances and treat the people I love.